Jason vs Zombies game trailer

by Rob Caprilozzi

Apple Developer Michael Sandt – ASteam creating new media published a NEW GAME “Jason vs Zombies v1.0” available on the App Store now.

“You play a guy named Jason. There exists no humanity on this world. The world is full of zombies and you (Jason) are the only man who can save the world if you kill all zombies. You have to be a very good Zombie Killer for surviving 5 amazing Levels and Missions. It’s a long way to the last level called “Zombie City”. So you need many Kill-Points to unlock new weapons for free. You can also earn Bonus-Kill-Points if you cut the arms and heads of aggressively zombies with your different weapons. Your Level-Kill-Points will always be saved and you can play every level for new if it’s unlocked once.”

Read more and check out the Jason vs Zombies game trailer.

Jason vs Zombies game

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