Jason Blum: Next ‘Happy Death Day’ Is Being “Discussed”

by Thomas Tuna

A little bit of hope is better than none.

The news has not always been positive concerning a third Happy Death Day installment, but Jason Blum–the head of Blumhouse Productions–recently struck a cautiously optimistic note about the future of the budding franchise.

Blum–during an interview with screenrant.com–said he had lunch with Christopher Landon (the director of the first two films), “and guess what we discussed? Happy Death Day 3. I’m not saying we’re doing it, but we discussed it. It was very much on the top of our minds.”

Blum repeated himself, no doubt trying to make things as clear as mud. “I’m not saying we’re doing it–but I’m not saying we’re not doing it.” Sure. Gotcha, Jason.

One of the last insights from Landon came a couple of years ago when he said he is “very passionate” about a third film–with a tentative title of Happy Death Day to Us. “I wrote the idea for the third movie some time ago,” he said. “There might be a time when it makes sense, and hopefully it’s sooner rather than later.”

Happy Death Day–helmed by Landon from a screenplay by Scott Lobdell and produced by Blum–was released in 2017. The film follows a college student who is murdered on the night of her birthday and begins reliving the day, at which point she sets out to find the killer and stop her death.

The film’s success–earning $125 million worldwide on a $5-million budget–led to 2019’s sequel, Happy Death Day 2U, which didn’t do as well at the box office, grossing $64 million worldwide on a $9-million budget.

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