Jason Blum Anxious For ‘Happy Death Day 3’ To Happen

by Thomas Tuna

The strongest indication yet of another Happy Death Day thriller hitting the big screen comes from Jason Blum himself, producer of the first two films in the series.

Blum–head of Blumhouse Productions–said during a recent interview that he is actively working on completing the horror trilogy, as reported by movieweb.com.

When asked about a potential third film, Blum was pretty straightforward. “Let me tell you,” he said, “I’m working overtime on it. Believe me. I’m trying (but) nothing official yet.”

Christopher Landon–who directed the first movie and wrote and directed Happy Death Day 2U–has said a Happy Death Day 3 would be a possibility only if a streamer like Netflix wanted to help foot the bill.

Several positive developments, though, point to a third film. Both of the first two movies were critical successes and were substantial moneymakers, given their relatively modest budgets.

Happy Death Day, made in 2017 on a budget of just $5 million, took in an impressive $125 million worldwide at the box office. The 2019 sequel did not fare as well, but still grossed $64 million for Universal Pictures and Blumhouse on a budget of $9 million.

And now, with both Landon and Blum supporting another entry, the likelihood of a third movie has increased greatly. In addition, the star of the first two films–Jessica Rothe, who portrayed Tree Gelbman–has expressed interest in reprising the role.

Fans of the series know the first movie shows Tree being murdered on her birthday and then reliving that horrible day over and over. She finally sets out to find her killer and prevent her death.

In Happy Death Day 2U–featuring a stronger science-fiction element–Tree is transported to another dimension where she relives different versions of the same day, as she tries to return home while dealing with a new killer.

No plot details for Happy Death Day 3 have been revealed yet, so keep reading Horror News Network for all updates on the film.

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