Jamie Lee Tells Fans: “Laurie Strode Is Because Of You”

by Thomas Tuna

Five days and counting.

Halloween Ends–billed as the final battle between Laurie Strode and Michael Myers in the iconic horror franchise–hits theaters and Peacock this Friday, Oct. 14. And star Jamie Lee Curtis has been bidding her legions of fans an emotional goodbye.

At this weekend’s New York Comic Con, according to Variety, the ultimate Final Girl spoke from her heart to more than 5,000 Halloween fanatics. “No matter what I do, Laurie Strode is because of you,” she said, “and I thank you.” Referring to the upcoming Halloween Ends, Curtis said “endings are a bitch–but so is Laurie Strode.”

The actor then added, “Jamie and Laurie have become woven together. There is no separation. I don’t have anything in my life without Laurie Strode. Nothing. I wouldn’t have a career. I wouldn’t have a family.”

Curtis also told the Comic Con audience that Halloween H20 was her idea. She said she called John Carpenter and Debra Hill two years before the 20-year anniversary of the original film and sowed the seed for another entry in the franchise.

The actor also revealed that she asked that her character be killed off in the first 10 minutes of the next film–Halloween: Resurrection–because she “couldn’t live” with the knowledge that Laurie was responsible for the death of an innocent person.

Needless to say, that plot thread did not develop, and now Laurie Strode (and Jamie Lee Curtis) will face off against The Shape one last time in arguably the most-anticipated horror event of the year.

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