Jamie Lee Curtis Is Honored, Reflects On Career Highlight

by Thomas Tuna

The Queen of Scream has once again received royal recognition and, through it all, she had Halloween on her mind. Naturally.

The Venice International Film Festival this weekend bestowed its Lifetime Achievement Award on Jamie Lee Curtis, according to The Hollywood Reporter, and the iconic face of the Halloween franchise had no problem coming up with the moment that best defined a career that spans five incredible decades.

Of course, that moment revolved around the horror film series where her big-screen legend began. Specifically, Curtis thought back to her final scene in 2018’s Halloween.

That moment in time, Curtis said, was when her Laurie Strode character “is sitting alone in a pickup truck, watching Michael Myers headed to a supermax prison. And she is seeing this person who has caused her 40 years of trauma being taken away.”

The truck, she said, had “14 cameras around it and cranes and lights and a crew. I was preparing for this moment where Laurie replays the 40 years since this first occurred.”

Curtis then explained that she always asks everyone to wear a name tag on the set of a new project “because everybody knows my name, but often I don’t know anyone else’s.” So, when she approached this final shoot, “the entire crew was standing in silent solidarity with their hands behind their backs.”

And, Curtis said, “everyone was wearing a name tag–and the tag said, ‘We are Laurie Strode’. What they were saying was, ‘We are with you, Jamie, in this moment. And we know there’s nothing we can do to help you as you do this moment of work alone in a pickup truck. We believe in you–because we are you.’ I gotta tell you, that may be the high point of my career.”

Of course, as all horror fans know, Curtis’ career is far from over. She will reprise her Laurie Strode role in Halloween Kills–which lands in theaters Oct. 15–and then (almost unbelievably) will wrap up the long-running franchise with Halloween Ends–scheduled for an Oct. 14, 2022 theatrical release.

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