Jamie Lee Curtis and Neve Campbell Talk ‘Halloween’ and ‘Scream’

by Rob Caprilozzi

With the “Zoom call” becoming a staple of 2020, what better way for two of the greatest scream queens of all time to compare notes on their respective franchises. Variety brought together horror icons Jamie Lee Curtis (Halloween) and Neve Campbell (Scream) as they compared notes on their decades of rebooting and revitalizing slasher films.

The actresses began the call by talking about what horror movies scared them growing up. For Curtis, it was 1973’s The Exorcist which spooked her on her 15th birthday. Campbell was frightened at a sleepover while viewing The Changeling which starred George C. Scott.  Both actresses were shocked at the success of their films and neither could foresee the ripple effect these movies would have on the films that followed.

Curtis mentioned how casual filming Halloween was: “We had nothing to lose; we didn’t know that we had anything to gain. We were just so happy to have this gig. The original Halloween was made in 17 days with like 12 people. … Everybody was young. There was magic happening and none of us, not one person — I would dare say even John Carpenter and Debra Hill — I don’t think anybody knew.”

Oh, and extra points go to Jamie Lee Curtis for sporting her Michael Myers coronavirus mask. Watch the full video here and stay tuned to Horror News Network for more on these two scream queens.

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