Jamie Lee Curtis: A Closer Look At The Scream Queen Supreme

by Thomas Tuna

For many horror fans, it doesn’t get much better than the original Scream Queen, Laurie Strode herself–Jamie Lee Curtis.

The Oscar winner’s lengthy career as Strode in the Halloween franchise is, of course, legendary, but how well do you really know this Hollywood icon? Here are some things even Michael Myers may not know.

Small-Screen Start: Everyone know Curtis began her big-screen career as Strode in John Carpenter’s 1978 Halloween, but she made her TV debut a year earlier in an episode of the Jack Klugman-led Quincy, M.D. Curtis also appeared in Columbo, Charlie’s Angel’s, The Love Boat and Operation Petticoat–not to mention Match Game.

World of Warcraft Warrior: Curtis spends a good chuck of her spare time playing video games–and she’s a huge fan of World of Warcraft. She has even cosplayed at several gaming conventions.

A Bad Baroness: Curtis has another royal title–a real one. Her husband, Christopher Guest, was born a baron, so the Scream Queen is also Baroness Jamie Lee Curtis. Bow before the queen, er, the baroness.

Dipe and Wipe: Curtis is an inventor–really. She designed and patented a diaper that minimizes the mess–it has a hidden pouch that holds cleaning wipes. “I invented Dipe and Wipe,” she revealed on a late-night talk show, “and I patented it.”

Freeze!: How about Curtis with a badge? “I never thought I’d be an actor–ever, ever, ever,” she once told an interviewer. “I was going to be a police officer, because I thought I would be good–and you didn’t need a lot of schooling for it.”

Standing TallNow, this one makes sense. Back in 1996, the pantyhose company L’eggs signed up Curtis as a spokesperson (good move), and insured her long legs for $2.8 million. And worth every penny.

Scary Stuff: Here’s one you never saw coming. “I don’t like horror films,” she once said. “I scare easily, ever since I was a child. Loud noises scare me–suspense music scares me.” Talk about a strange career choice.

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