James Mangold: ‘Swamp Thing’ Will Be A “Horror Noir Film”

by Thomas Tuna

Is this a facelift for the swamp dweller?

James Mangold–who’s writing the screenplay for the new DC big-screen version of Swamp Thing–is looking to bring some new elements to the table as he creates the next chapter in the life of the classic comic book character.

The new film–currently being developed–does not yet have an announced cast, but Mangold–during a recent interview on the Happy Sad Confused podcast–said he has “an idea of making a noir mystery horror film about a guy who wakes up and he’s this thing, and he’s wondering, ‘How did I get here and who did this to me’.”

So, Mangold added, he’s envisioning “a horror noir film following a creature that’s trying to piece together from fragments of memory what happened and who did it.”

This new Swamp Thing–a project from DC head honchos James Gunn and Peter Safran–is part of DC’s Chapter One, Gods and Monsters initiative that will explore “the dark origins of Swamp Thing” and will include other DC characters. Gunn said the movie will be “a much more horrific film.”

The DC Comics Swamp Thing character–created by writer Len Wein and artist Bernie Wrightson–debuted in House of Secrets No. 92 way back in 1971, before earning his own title.

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