It’s ‘Friday the 13th’ All Day Long On AMC This Friday

by Thomas Tuna

In case you didn’t eyeball the calendar, AMC has you covered this Friday.

Friday the 13th marathon will air on AMC all day in two days–Friday, May 13, natch–showing seven of the 12 films in the iconic franchise and keeping every Jason Voorhees fan delirious (and bleary-eyed).

The marathon schedule (all times are ET)–is as follows:

* 10 a.m.–Friday the 13thThe Final Chapter

* Noon–Friday the 13th Part VIIIIJason Takes Manhattan

* 2 p.m.–Friday the 13th Part VIIThe New Blood

* 4 p.m.–Friday the 13th Part VIJason Lives

* 6 p.m.–Friday the 13th

* 8 p.m.–Friday the 13th Part 2

* 10 p.m.–Friday the 13th Part 3.

The film that started it all–1980’s Friday the 13th–was directed by Sean S. Cunningham from a screenplay by Victor Miller. Starting Betsy Palmer, Adrienne King, Harry Crosby, Jeannine Taylor, Laurie Bartram, Kevin Bacon and Ari Lehman as Jason, the film follows a group of teenage camp counsellors who are murdered by an unknown killer as they try to open an abandoned summer camp.

The original received mixed reviews, but was a box office sensation–earning $60 million on a budget of just $550,000. That success led to several sequels, a crossover with A Nightmare on Elm Street and a 2009 reboot.

Given the recent legal battles involving the franchise, keep reading Horror News Network for any updates on the future of the Friday the 13th series.


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