Is GHOSTBUSTERS Really Deserving of all the Hate?

by Lynn Sorel


With the release of the new trailer today, I felt inspired to share my thoughts on the Ghostbusters reboot.    The first trailer  is said to be the most disliked movie trailer of all time  on Youtube. This film has not even been released yet and it has a building mountain of hate against it.      I’m a huge fan of the classic so I understand that sentiment towards a reboot of a classic film.   However, I do not think most people being objective, even in just viewing the trailers.    I’ve seen some funny moments in the trailers, and   you can see that   this film is made in the same  spirit of the old films.   Fans are so hung up on the fact that we have new characters, and… gasp! “they are women,” that they are not giving this a fair chance, even in the slightest.   I’m as sick of remakes as the next person, however, I think people need to step back and think, if this was with male characters if they would be so upset?    

The original films were never made   to be taken seriously. This is horror comedy after all.   Above all else, it is supposed to be a fun movie, and you can see that they most likely have achieved that goal.   I don’t think anyone can say that it doesn’t look like a fun movie.

I’ve been wanting another Ghostbusters film since I was a kid.   Rather than no film, as we were not able to have one until 2016, I’m glad we have any film at all. Yes, we will all miss the original characters, however many of them appear to have cameos.  If nothing else for the old schoolers, I think it is worth it for a few minutes of seeing those characters again.  

It’s important to remember that remakes and reboots   are often  made by the original fans and are really meant for the newer generations.  That’s exactly what this is.     If remakes inspire new  fans to go back to see the original films, I think that they do have at least a small amount of value in the scope of horror.  

So no, I do not think that this reboot deserves all the hate it is getting and I think fans need to chill.  Your hate would be better directed at that new Hellraiser coming,  not at a fun re-imagining of a classic made by loving fans.

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