Is A Sam Raimi-Stephen King Team-Up In The Future?

by Thomas Tuna

This could be a marriage made in horror heaven.

Sam Raimi–the filmmaker behind The Evil Dead franchise and Marvel’s horror-tinged Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness–has said he would be interested in bringing a Stephen King novel to the big screen.

Raimi–in a recent interview with Cinema Blend–said he loves many of King’s bestsellers, and even singled out a few he would like to adapt. But, as luck would have it, the timing was just a bit off.

“I love The Shining,” Raimi said, “but someone (Stanley Kubrick) already had that. And I love Carrie, but that had already been made by the rime I had read it.”

Raimi also called King’s Night Shift collection “brilliant. So many of those stories would have made great movies. And Rob Reiner made a great one that I wanted to make, too.”

The celebrated director added that “there’s been plenty of great King stories that I wish I could get involved with. Maybe in the future we can work together.” Someone please give him King’s phone number.

While fans breathlessly await such an epic collaboration, they can catch Raimi’s most recent directorial efforts on the Doctor Strange sequel, which opens in theaters tomorrow–May 6.

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