‘Interview With The Vampire’ Teased In Dramatic Clip

by Thomas Tuna

This is a journalist’s dream–the interview of several lifetimes.

Interview with the Vampire–the upcoming AMC adaptation of the 1976 Anne Rice horror classic–will hit the small screen this fall, and a new all-too-brief teaser landed this week that lets fans listen in to the beginning of the titular interview with Louis de Pointe du Lac. Check out the short video–courtesy of cbr.com–on this page.

The eight-episode first season of the TV adaptation–led by creator and showrunner Rolin Jones and director Alan Taylor–stars Sam Reid as Lestat, Jacob Anderson as Louis and Bailey Bass as Claudia, along with Assad Zaman as Rashid, Christian Robinson as Levi, Kalyne Coleman as Grace and Eric Bogosian as the interviewer Daniel Molloy.

Very little is known at this time about the storyline, but executive producer Mark Johnson has said, “We need to make sure this story and these characters sing for a modern audience.” So, take what you will from that.

The 1994 feature film take on the Rice novel–that starred Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt–follows the vampiric adventures of Lestat and Louis, beginning with Louis’ transformation into a vampire by Lestat back in 1791. The AMC TV series likely will stick fairly close to that scenario, with a shift to more modern times.

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