Interview: Tom Hutchison on Penny For Your Soul:Death

by Rob Caprilozzi

By Stephanie Shamblin-Gray

Interview: Tom Hutchison on "Penny For Your Soul: Death"

Horror News Network / reporter Stephanie Shamblin Gray caught up with the writer of "Penny For Your Soul: Death:, Tom Hutchison, to ask a few questions about the book.

Synopsis: Tom Hutchison returns to delve even further into the story of Danica, the granddaughter of the Devil, as she continues to claim her place in the age old battle of good vs. evil, and carve out her roll in the end of days battle between Heaven and Hell! Which side will she choose? Why her own of course, but she won’t be doing it by herself. Longtime friends will return, along with new companions, and the sarcastic, snappy, sexy but always smart, story that fans have come to expect from Big Dog Ink’s guilty pleasure in a comic book!

Horror News Network: Can you tell us a little about the story of "Penny For Your Soul: Death" and the main characters?

Tom Hutchison: Death is the third volume for Penny for Your Soul, which is slated to be a series of 7 issue mini series. Death picks up after the events of False Prophet as well as the Joan of Arc spin off series. We return to the Babylon Hotel and Casino and find that business is more or less back to normal. Danica has returned and is back in charge of Jezebel, Mr. Anderson and the host of angels that have sworn loyalty to her. Mary Magdalene, Lucifer and Lilith also return for this continuing epic, as does Jesus himself.

The story revolves around the next Horseman of the Apocalypse. Death himself. He will be embodied by a well-known figure (we will keep that a secret for now) and Death is a very apt name for him. He searches for an ancient artifact that has been stolen from him and he will leave no stone, or hotel unturned. He isn’t called Death for nothing.

Horror News Network: Do new readers need to read the previous stories of Penny For Your Soul, or can they jump right in?

Tom Hutchison: Knowing the backstory will certainly help, but new readers will be able to jump in and understand what is happening fairly easily. When you are dealing with a cast of characters as extensive as ours in Penny, there will be learning curves along the way of course, but most readers should have no problem understanding what’s going on.

Horror News Network: Penny For Your Soul has always been a very sexy horror story. What can our readers expect in this story arc?

Tom Hutchison: Well Las Vegas doesn’t really allow us to leave the sexy at the door, so prepare yourself for more beautiful angels, demons and waitresses throughout the series. Muscles and curves are the standard for Heaven and Hell as demonstrated by two of our lead characters, Danica and Lucifer. Sex sells as they say, but beneath the eye candy is a smart story that is far from preachy or politically correct. It’s a fun dramatic story about the End of Days in Las Vegas. How can that not be a good time?

Horror News Network: Who is the artist on this book?

Tom Hutchison: JB Neto is returning to the art chores on Death, and Oren Kramek returns as well as colorist and letterer.

Horror News Network: Where can our readers go for more information on the book?

Tom Hutchison: You can get all kinds of info online. Press releases are spreading across the internet on various comic book websites, but you can also get it directly from the source at or you can find us on Facebook as well. We do lots of previews and updates on Facebook daily so that’s the best way to get the newest info on what we are up to at Big Dog Ink.

Horror News Network: Anything else you would like to say about Penny For Your Soul: Death?

Tom Hutchison: Penny for Your Soul: Death is going to push some of the limits of this series. It is going to venture into dark places and reveal some potentially shocking truths about some of our leading characters. As Death is unleashed upon Las Vegas, and the world, Danica, Jesus and Lucifer are all looking for a way to get him to join their side. So one of the questions becomes, just how much control over the Four Horsemen does Jesus really have? War was dispatched in our first volume, and the revelation of who the False Prophet was in volume two should only raise more discomfort for Jesus’ side of things. It’s going to be a bumpy ride, but one I hope comic book fans enjoy.

Horror News Network: Thank you, Tom, and good luck with the book!

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