Instagram Horror Tattoo Contest Winners!

by Larry Dwyer

By: Larry Dwyer


Wow, guys! When we asked you to show us some of your favorite horror tattoos, we didn’t really expect to be pouring through so many pictures! I must say that we were impressed with all of your work and that your dedication to our beloved horror genre is unquestionable but we had to pick some winners. So, without further ado, here are our favorite 13:


@tcftbl getting his Jamie Lee Curtis tattoo signed by the godess herself!


A little Evil Dead 2 for the lovely @pinkpandemonium.


The reflection in the chainsaw is what did it for me in this piece on @matt_from_hell.


A sweet little Michael Myers on @juggalokie.


One must appreciate the classics form Universal on @frankensteinmonster619.


@death_to_videodrome has a lot of sick work so I’m glad he provided this collage!


The gears in this piece really take it to a new level on @millerink.


Another @millerink piece here. Jason does American Gothic.


A haunting Exoricist scene here on @bobbydeneen.


Another classic on @bobbydeneen.


Wow…one of the craziest backpieces I’ve ever seen. Nice work @joshreynoldstattoo!


Another example of the work of @joshreynoldstattoo; a little Stephen King tribute.


@caitbreed finishes it off here with Robert Englund admiring his likeness!


That’s it, kids. Congratulations to all of the winners. Great stuff!


Stay gory, my friends.


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