Inside Ed and Lorraine Warren’s Occult Museum: A Horror News Network Pictorial

by John Evans

The death of beloved paranormal investigator Lorraine Warren has all of us here at Horror News Network reminiscing about our favorite encounters with her and Ed throughout the years. Seeing as HNN’s headquarters is located in the Warrens’ home state of Connecticut, Ed and Lorraine directly impacted all of our lives, and we’re excited to be able to share some fascinating tidbits with our readers. HNN staff member Nick Banks and I were fortunate enough to visit The Warren’s Occult Museum on a couple occasions with our wives. It is no longer open to the public, so we’re even more grateful to have had the opportunity.  The museum houses the infamous Annabelle doll which was featured in numerous The Conjuring movies since 2013, but it also contains lesser known artifacts such as a Satanic idol taken from the woods of Connecticut and a shadow doll which attacks the dreams of unsuspecting victims. Not everything in the museum is haunted, however, as many of Ed’s original paintings and articles about the famous ghost busting couple are prominently displayed throughout its hallowed walls.

When entering the museum, visitors are reminded to never touch anything- even by accident- as the staff members don’t want any negative energy attaching itself where it doesn’t belong! Other tips given to guests include envisioning oneself enveloped in a ray of white light should you feel overwhelmed by the evil contained within these walls.

Below is my set of personal photos, taken by me during a visit to The Warren’s Occult Museum in 2013, just after The Conjuring premiered in theaters. They aren’t all perfect examples of expert photography, but they do capture the spirit of the otherworldly feel of taking the trip from the basement of The Warren’s private home through a dedicated and protected tunnel, and into their one of a kind museum. So light a candle, dim the lights, play some spooky music, and take a trip through this virtual tour!

All of the photographs in this article are the property of John Evans of Horror News Network, and may not be reproduced without written permission.

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