Indiegogo Campaign Launched for ‘We Kill The Dead’

An Indiegogo campaign has been launched for “We Kill the Dead.”


The book is described as:

A secret government agency whose mission is to combat thano-sapiens, undead killers such as Jason or Freddy. This first story of a planned trilogy entails Joanna, a survivor of a thano-sapien attack at her college, who enlists in the SSTB (Supernatural Special Tactics Bureau). Shortly after she joins, Jack the Ripper returns as a demonic being, last seen when SSTB leader, Nathan Scrimm, blew his head off with a grenade in the 80’s. Now Jo, Nate, and the more-than-slightly-disturbed Agent Cooper race to discover the secret to stopping the legendary serial killer while battling an army of thano-sapiens under Jack’s control. 


Seventeen different slashers from actual horror films will be making cameos. Mary Mattock aka Mary Hatchet (Blood Night:The Legend of Mary Hatchet), Evil Highlander (Redwood Massacre), Thorn (Slasher House, Legacy of Thorn), Dollman (Methodic), Gurdy (100 Tears), Porkchop (Porkchop 1-3), Black Knight (Dead of Knight), BBK (Gutterballs), Billy (Billy Club), Crinoline Head (Crinoline Head, Dorchester’s Revenge), Bonesetter (The Bonesetter, The Bonesetter Returns), Jonah (Jonah Lives), Verden Fell (FrightWorld), Jack-O (Jack-O), Stitches (Stitches), and Blood Widow (Blood Widow). 



You can learn more about the campaign here.

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