Indiegogo Campaign Launched for Crinoline Head 2

by Rob Caprilozzi

The long-awaited sequel to the 1996 horror film, Crinoline Head, will be coming to the screen in 2014.  Writer/Director Tommy Faircloth (“Generation Ax” “The Cabin”) has launched an Indiegogo campaign to help raise funds for Crinoline Head 2: Dorchester’s Revenge which will star scream queen Debbie Rochon and Jason Vail (“Gut” “Abraham Lincoln vs. Zombies).  Production is set to begin in May and most of the shooting will take place in Charleston, SC.  “We offer some great awards and perks for backing the campaign.” Explains Faircloth. “Everything from the standard DVDs, scripts, t-shirts, to really cool new stuff like invites to the World Premiere, working on the set for a day, create your own kill scene, get a speaking part, or even get killed on screen!”

Crinoline Head takes place (and will be shooting) eighteen years after the original film.  The story of Crinoline Head began in 1980 when a young eight year old boy, Dorchester, and his mother, who was a doll maker, were at their secluded lake house when tragedy struck.  Dorchester’s mom died and he was left alone with her corpse for the summer.  Succumbing to hunger, Dorchester eventually turned to cannibalism to survive and ate part of his mother before he was ever discovered by authorities, clinging to a crinoline skirt she was using to make a doll dress when she died.  He was put in a mental facility, and when he turned eighteen, he escaped taking only the crinoline skirt with him.  He would wear the skirt on his head at the hospital and that is where he got the name, Crinoline Head, and this is where the first film picks up.

Without giving away any spoilers for those who have not seen the first film yet, the ending left open the possibility for a sequel.  One of the surviving cast members from the first film will return to the sequel and will be played by Jason Vail.  The film promises to deliver lots of creative kills and insane characters like in the first film, but also bring a darker, creepier look to the film with an all new and bulked up monster-like Crinoline Head. 

To become a backer and receive some great awards and perks, visit the Indiegogo campaign page at and please visit:

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