In Fear I Trust Now Available on App Store – Trailer Inside

by Rob Caprilozzi

Chillingo and Black Wing Foundation today announced the launch of episodic mobile thriller In Fear I Trust on the App Store.


Face your fears and experience a psychological thriller unlike anything you’ve seen before. In Fear I Trust brings a new kind of horror to mobile with stunning visuals, brain-teasing puzzles, and terrifying revelations.


Overcome haunting memories as you escape a terrifying favility and piece together the horrific events that led you to become a test subject in a series of bizarre and horrific experiments.


Explore eeries halls and locations, relive disturbing events, and endure against a haunting atmosphere.


Channel the power of the Unreal Engine 3 that brings to nightmare to mobile.


Use Retrospective mode to explore hidden messages plastered on your surroundings.


Study notes, examine objects, and use what’s left of your sanity to solve interactive puzzles.


The nightmare begins here! In Fear I Trust is available now on the App Store priced $2.99/£1.99 


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