‘Hunting Season’ Blends Horror With Science-Fiction

by Thomas Tuna

Horror filmmaker James Wan takes fans on a trip through time in his upcoming movie adventure.

Hunting Season–helmed by Wan, who brought The Conjuring to screen life–is based on a 1951 short story by “techno-thriller” author Frank M. Robinson, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Robinson also co-wrote The Glass Inferno, one of the two books that combined to make the 1974 disaster blockbuster The Towering Inferno.

Adapting the story for the screen is Derek Kolstad, who penned scripts for the successful John Wick series starring Keanu Reeves. Starlight and Star Plus will be financing the film.

Wan also will act as producer–with his Atomic Monster partner Michael Clear–along with Transformers producer Don Murphy–with the help of his Angry Films partner Susan Montford. Peter Luo and Judson Scott will serve as executive producers.

Hunting Season is described by the filmmakers as the story of “a law officer from the future who is declared an enemy of the state and sentenced to be executed by being sent to the past and stalked by a posse.”

The hunted lawman, as explained, has a mere three days to become acclimated to this unfamiliar era and find a way to survive.

Aptly enough, the film is being likened to 1984, Fahrenheit 451 and The Running Man.

In related news, Wan’s Atomic Monster group is currently in post-production on Malignant, another horror film Wan steered for Starlight Media and Midas Innovation that will be released by New Line.

Atomic Monster also is wrapping up work on The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It for New Line and There’s Something Inside Your House for Netflix.

Keep reading Horror News Network for any additional information, including an expected release date, on Hunting Season.

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