Hudson Horror Show XII – Tickets on Sale This Weekend!

by Larry Dwyer

Hello fiends! I come bearing news of great import; news so vital to the existence of mankind that I implore you to tell everyone that you know straight away!

Tickets for the December 12th Hudson Horror Show in Poughkeepsie, NY are going on sale this Saturday (10/17) at 11am. The twelfth Hudson Horror Show brings not only a delicious array of horror and exploitation films and great vintage trailers (all from 35mm film of course) but also cool prizes, vendors and give-aways.

Also, for the first time, Hudson Horror Show will take place in two separate theaters at the same time. For those of you who complain that you can never get your tickets before they sell out, you’re in luck! That said, I recommend that you still log on as close to 11am as possible because even if they extended this to four theaters, it would sell out quickly with this great lineup of films below.

So click the link below to grab your tickets on Saturday morning and the Horror News Network crew will see you there as always!

Hudson Horror Show Tickets

Stay gory my friends,

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