The Howling: Revenge of the Werewolf Queen #1 Review

by Rob Caprilozzi

The Howling, one of the greatest werewolf movies ever made, still sends a chill down the audience’s spine with visuals that are out of this world. The werewolf designs combined with their animation and special effects is to this day some of the most impressive that I have personally ever seen in a werewolf film.  After the first film, the Howling was in a perfect spot to be the greatest werewolf franchise of all time. Sadly, the sequels never came close the first film. The stories weren’t particularly interesting and the production value of the werewolf costumes were just plain bad.


When I heard that Space Goat Publishing was releasing a sequel to The Howling, I admittedly had mixed emotions as a fan. Sure, I wanted to see the werewolf film I love continue in the pages of the book, but there were so many things that needed to be right though. Would the writer use the characters that remained from the first film? Could the artist capture the glorious look of the lycanthropes that were on the screen?


After reading through an advanced review copy, I can happily say that fans of The Howling will enjoy this debut issue. Issue #1 picks up three weeks after the events at the end of the first Howling film. We are treated to the stunning final moments of Karen White and that locks us in for the rest of the issue.


The focal point of the issue seems to be on Chris Halloran and how he deals with losing his wife, killing his friend on live TV and the werewolf cover-up. What’s even better is the arrival of werewolf queen Marsha Quist who is back and out for blood.


For those of you wondering, the werewolf art seems to be pretty close to the original film. Jason Johnson seems to have studied up on the more detailed and memorable aspects of werewolves. This seeps through the pages and is on gory and glorious display, especially in the final scene.


Speaking of the final page, Howling fans will bear a toothy grin when they see what writer, Micky Neilson ends the first issue with.  If you are a fan of The Howling film franchise or just come out when there’s a full moon, I suggest you do not miss this series.


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