How Will ‘The Walking Dead’ Series Finale Wrap Up?

by Thomas Tuna

“It’s the same, but different.”

That’s how Scott M. Gimple, chief content officer for AMC’s The Walking Dead mega-series, tries to explain how the 11th and final season will feel when it finally concludes Nov. 20.

Gimple–during a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly–said the finale will be true to the ending of the classic comic book series–with differences.

“It’s like a remix,” Gimple said. “I loved the end of the comic, but now we get to see another version of it–because we have to. It still takes Robert Kirkman’s really cool story–but in a different way with a different ending. It’s like the same–but different.”

A key difference between the two endings, Gimple explained, is the number of characters who make it to the finale. “I think the cast of main characters on the show might be a little bigger than how the comic book ended,” he said.

In order for the series to end satisfactorily, Gimple said, each surviving character had to have his (or her) own ending. “All of them have endings,” Gimple explained. “It’s a very intense last few episodes. It’s full intensity–the throttle is open. It ends with a definitive conclusion for both the series and for each individual character.”

The last four episodes of The Walking Dead are Outpost 22 (Oct. 30), Faith (Nov. 6), Family (Nov. 13) and the series finale, Rest in Peace (Nov. 20).

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