House of Gold & Bones #2 Review

by Christine Caprilozzi

By Christine Caprilozzi, Sr. Editor

Writer: Corey Taylor
Artist: Richard Clark
Publisher: Dark Horse
Release Date: May 22, 2013
Rating: 8 out of 10

Synopsis: Traveling through his new reality, the Human stumbles across an unlikely ally. But with the zombielike Numbers hounding their steps, they must make some unusual choices to avoid capture in an unknown world, with troubling consequences. But can the Human really trust his new friend’s advice and find his way home again?

Our Thoughts: The first issue of “House of Gold and Bones” left many unanswered questions. With that said, the second in the series does the same…with a bit more action and paranoia. What’s great about Corey Taylor’s comic style is that doesn’t fit any formula, or cookie cutter comic mold. Personally, I love anything original and that pushes boundaries. Taylor’s willingness to operate on his own terms makes this series and this issue intriguing. With the main character, “Zero,” still not sure of his surroundings, and having flashbacks to another space and time, readers are kept on their toes. Small bits of information are doled out very methodically. Not to give too much away, but there a variety of characters that come and go, which throws “Zero” and the reader off. Much of the dialogue and action asks bigger and broader questions, which also can make one think that much of the story is taking place in this man’s head. Is it? Who the hell knows! But that is the beauty of the plotline and why you get sucked in.

Richard Clark’s artwork, along with the colors by Dan Jackson, has more of an opportunity to shine in Issue #2. The darker scenes are beautifully demonic. It’s certainly not over the top blood and guts, but that is not what the story calls for. Clark and Jackson do a fantastic job of conveying the creepiness and paranoia, just enough to leave an impression.

While “House of Gold and Bones”#2 introduces more characters and terrifying situations, it also raises more questions. This is not only for the main character, but also for the reader. Taylor creates this psychological, as well as horrifying, reality for his character. So far, he has pulled it off masterfully, which means you will be in for Issue #3 after this one.

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