Horror TV Guide 10/14 – 10/17

by Larry Dwyer

The weekend is over and I hope you Walking Dead fans had a blast (courtesy of Carol…get it?)! This week brings some solid stuff on the horror front so let’s rip into it.

Early Tuesday tune into IFC for that fun-loving Freddy guy in A Nightmare on Elm Street. On Wednesday night, don’t forget to check out what that sweet clown is up to in American Horror Story – Freak Show. Get your kicks with one of my favorites on Thursday night on Encore Classic – The Gate. And Friday…oh sweet Friday…Stephen king takes over AMC all damned day and damned night and it goes like this: Needful Things, Graveyard Shift, Silver Bullet, Thinner, Cujo, Dreamcatcher, Firestarter and it all ends with Children of the Corn!

See you on Friday with the weekend edition!



Stay gory my friends,

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