HorrorHound Fan Instagram Contest

Alright guys, so many of you tagged us in your Instagram pictures from this past weekend that you made it really hard for us to pick a clear winner! We were able to level it down to these six shots and we decided to just put them all up. Congratulations! It looks like you all had a great time…with the exception of the kid getting mangled by Jason…sorry about that, pal.


emilymaria gives Daryl Dixon a nice smooch on the cheek!


therattail finds herself in the middle of a Dixon sandwich!


lesliedma gets up thumbs-up from Herschel! (Good thing he didn’t need a leg-up. Ha-ha)

lesliedma finds himself on the list again..this time as a victim of Mr. Voorhees. How unfortunate.


halloweiner with the ever-cheerful Captain Spaulding!


Lastly, magpie99 and friend seem quite happy with their Eddie Munster autographs!


Well, that’s it for now kids! Thanks a bunch for playing. We’ll certainly do this again soon as I’m sure that you love to see your gorgeous faces grace our evil little corner of the internet. Stay gory, my friends.


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