Horror TV Guide 11/4 – 11/7

by Larry Dwyer

Well kids, Halloween weekend has ended and the horror on TV has slowed down a bit (bastards!) but we’re still here giving you the knowledge you need to quench your blood-lust!

Early Tuesday morning tune into Showtime Beyond for Excision and prepare to be mind-fucked. On Wednesday morning head to ThrillerMax to catch Would You Rather. Later that afternoon, check out The Most Dangerous Game on Turner Classic Movies; this film influenced the original Zodiac Killer and he mentioned it in one of his taunting letters to the San Francisco police! On Wednesday night you know it’s American Horror Story time on FX. Thursday morning catch the Bela Lugosi classic White Zombie on Epix Drive-In before going to Chiller later on for that 1980 classic Don’t Answer the Phone! Friday afternoon catch one of my favorite, yet under-appreciated Stephen King flicks Sometimes They Come Back on MGM and then get some classic Romero in later on with Night of the Living Dead on The Movie Channel Extra.

See you Friday with the weekend edition!


Stay gory my friends,

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