Horror TV Guide 11/18 – 11/21

by Larry Dwyer

Hello boils and ghouls! The weekday edition of the Horror TV Guide brings loads of treasures so let’s dig right in.

Early Tuesday morning head to Epix Drive-In for Troma’s classic Toxic Avenger before switching over to Encore Suspense later for maybe the most perfect anthology film ever, Tales from the Darkside: The Movie. We all know that Wednesdays are American Horror Story day on FX but it needs to be stated that the MGM channel is really stepping it’s game up lately, this time with 5 Vincent Price classics back-to-back! On Thursday, I’ll be tuned to IFC at night to watch Jaws because I need to get my Quint fix anytime that I can. On Friday night it’s back to Chiller for the ever-creepy The Descent.

See you in a few days with the weekend edition!

Stay gory my friends,

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