Horror TV Guide 10/28 – 10/31

by Larry Dwyer

Halloween week is here and so is your Horror TV Guide!

Obviously with Halloween being this Friday, there is a ton of horror on the television for you to feast your eyes upon. Early Tuesday catch Cabin Fever on IFC and then check out the much maligned yet classic Halloween III: Season of the Witch on AMC. On Wednesday AMC is bringing you more Halloween with the Danielle Harris years and beyond (the Paul Rudd years?) and don’t forget to hit up FX for a new episode of American Horror Story – Freak Show. On Thursday Halloween continues all day and night on AMC while IFC plays a few Saws and MTV2 gets in the mix with Jeepers Creepers 1 & 2. And then on Friday..holy shit! Halloween is jam packed with marathons on AMC, IFC, Encore, Chiller, MTV, Epix, FX, MGM and more. Even Turner Classic Movies is running classic horror flicks all day.

Take a peek below and enjoy it while it last kiddies. Happy Halloween!


Stay gory my friends,

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