Horror News Network’s Comic Awards 2020: Artist of the Year

by Rob Caprilozzi

The 2020 Horror Comic Award for Best Artist goes to Jason Shawn Alexander for his work on Killadelphia. To work on a title that features vampires, you have to be sure that the art can send chills down the reader’s spines. Alexander, whose art rejuvenated Spawn, creates some of his best work yet with blood and fangs practically jumping off the pages.

Published by Image Comics, Killadelphia follows a beat cop, Jimmy, who returns to his hometown to bury his murdered father—the revered Philadelphia detective James Sangster Sr. While looking at how his father died, Jimmy begins to unravel a mystery that leads him down a path of horrors that will shake his beliefs to their core. The city that was once the symbol of liberty and freedom has fallen prey to corruption, poverty, unemployment, brutality… and vampires.

This award should come as no surprise as Alexander’s work is always considered top notch in the industry. His past work includes Spawn, Empty Zone, Abe Sapien: The Drowning, Creepy, Dead Irons and The Secret.

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