Horror News Network’s Comic Awards 2018: Best Series

by Rob Caprilozzi

Horror News Network’s Award for 2018 Series of the Year goes to Image Comics’ Evolution. The series is a roller coaster ride of paranoia and horror with the end result being a mix of Invasion of the Body Snatchers meets John Carpenter’s The Thing.

The series is the brain child of a quartet of talented writers which include James Asmus, Joseph Keatinge, Christopher Sebela, and Joshua Williamson. Rounding out the team is talented artist Joe Infurnari, colorist Jordan Boyd, and letterer Pat Brosseau.

In Evolution, something is threatening the human race, taking over our bodies and minds and no one seems to notice, except for three individuals. What can they do and how far will they go to stop it? Evolution gives us these answers as each day seemingly becomes more dangerous for the protagonists in this battle for survival.

This announcement concludes the 2018 Horror Comic Awards. Congratulations to all the winners for producing material that won’t soon be forgotten. You can find a list of the 2018 winners here.

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