Horror News Network’s Comic Awards 2017: Best Cover

by Nick Banks

Horror News Network’s Award for Best Cover of 2017 has been awarded to Titan Comics’ Hookjaw #5 (Nick Percival Cover).

Percival’s cover art captures the best aspects of the relaunch of the controversial Action weekly series from the 1970’s, with the titular shark ready to chomp a helpless victim, while a fellow diver looks on in horror.  Percival, an artist who has worked for nearly ever comic book publisher as well as Wizards of the West Coast and multiple video game designers, produced more than a dozen excellent covers for the U.K. company in 2017.  His cover for Hookjaw #5 stands out due to his distinct style of painting, and like classic Tales from the Crypt and Creepy covers, it is the type of cover that immediately draws the eye of the horror fan browsing the racks of their local comic shop.

Along with Percival’s cover, Simon Spurier and Conor Boyle’s modern take on this popular Jaws-inspired story is also impressive, as it is certainly difficult to tell a story centered around an enormous man-eating shark.  However, the creative team manages to work in modern politics and ecological concerns, along with the requisite shark munching action.

Check out Percival’s cover below and stay tuned for more award winners this week for our annual Horror Comic Awards.



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