Horror News Network’s Comic Awards 2016: Best Artist(s)

by Nick Banks

Horror News Network is happy to select Max and Sebastian Fiumara as our artists of the year for their work on Dark Horse Comics’ Abe Sapien.  

The Fiumara brothers have consistently provided both the interior and cover art for the majority of the series, which sadly ended this year with issue #36.  Max and Sebastian often alternated issues or covers throughout the entire run and this year was no exception.  The high standard that the Fiumara brothers set from the beginning of the run was one of the reasons fans returned to a series known for their distainct style.

The humanity that they were able to put into Abe and the supporting human characters based on Mike Mignola and Scott Allie’s scripts made the “more-alien-than-ever” looking Abe the most human he has ever been in the history of the character.

Fans of Abe Sapien and comic fans in general eagerly await the Fiumara brothers next project.  If it is even close to the level of expertise shown on this series, we are all in for a treat.

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