Horror News Network’s 2017 Horror Comic Awards: Best Mini-Series (Non-Monthly Title)

by Nick Banks

Horror News Network’s top mini-series (non-monthly title) for 2017 is Image Comics’ occult conspiracy title The Black Monday Murders.

This is the second year in a row that The Black Monday Murders has taken the Best Limited Series prize, and with good reason, as it is one of the smartest, layered stories being produced in the medium today.  Written by Jonathan Hickman with art by Tomm Coker, The Black Monday Murders is “an elaborate story involving clandestine banking cartels, Russian vampires, Black popes, magical one-percenters, and more oddities in a world that resembles our own a little too much.” 

Jonathan Hickman (most recently the architect of Marvel’s Secret Wars) writes the The Black Monday Murders with the same mind-bending aspects that he is known for, yet he always anchors the story in a believable setting.  The continuation of the search for answers by Detective Dumas in the second entry in the series, entitled “Unionized Labor”, broadens the world of the story, and also begins to provide answers that were only hinted at in the first story arc.

Artist Tomm Coker provides an additional “dose of realism and dark tones through his art style”. Coker’s art continues to be one of the most unique in any title and it works perfectly with Hickman’s arcane and yet grounded script.

The last issue of The Black Monday Murders will wrap up “Unionized Labor”with issue eight in late January, with a collected edition currently scheduled for March of 2018.  After leaving Marvel, suitors for Hickman’s services are lining up, but all horror fans and fans of The Black Monday Murders hope that he will  continue the series in the future.  Considering all of the praise and success that The Black Monday Murders has generated, it would only be right to continue serving Mammon.

Stay tuned for more Horror Comic Award announcements including Best Artist, Writer, and Series.

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