Horror News Network Review: Universal Monsters Tarot Deck

by Christine Caprilozzi

This July, Insight Editions will be unleashing the Universal Monsters Tarot Deck. With the guidebook written by Casey Gilly and artwork by Joe Wilson, the deck allows you to follow your intuition with help of characters and scenes from Universal’s iconic films, like Dracula, Frankenstein, The Mummy, Creature from the Black Lagoon, The Wolfman and Phantom of the Opera. As both a horror fan and Tarot reader, I couldn’t wait to unbox this deck to see if it satisfied both aspects.

First off, the packaging itself was solid and stunning.  Also impressive, is the quality of the deck itself.  Many Tarot readers would agree that it is incredibly disappointing to get a deck on this card stock, only to have the cards start to peel or rip after a few uses.  The card stock used in the Universal Monsters Tarot is weighty enough to withstand years if shuffling. The guidebook is actually mini-book, which also includes cool layouts including “Van Helsing’s Cross” and “The Wolf’s Moon.”

For the artwork, Wilson keeps suitably dark themed for the deck. Both the Major and Minor Arcana cards feel right on point, but also interpret the cards in a unique way that isn’t just a redo of the traditional Rider Waite deck.  As a reader, I also enjoyed the way the deck is connected the horror theme in the Minor Arcana cards with the appropriate renaming of the suits, Swords, Cups, Pentacles and Wands to Claws, Crypts, Castles and Candles.  This gives the deck a true horror flavor.

Whether a horror fan looking for a cool collectible, or Tarot Reader looking for a cool new deck, The Universal Monsters Tarot does not disappoint. This journey through the tarot with the iconic monsters will be released on July 11th.

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