Horror News Network Review: Necronomicon Tarot Deck and Guidebook

by Christine Caprilozzi

On September 5th, Insight Editions will be releasing the Necronomicon tarot deck with accompanying guidebook. For fans of the H.P. Lovecraft this deck is a real treat, with the guidebook written by Christopher March and illustrations by James Bousema.

With the tarot being the hero’s journey, March takes an approach that will lead tarot readers into the shadowy side of tarot.  For example, The Magician is called Manipulation (with the card depicting Lovecraft himself, and The World called Chaos.  He does a great job of incorporating Lovecraft’s work into the deck. What is traditionally called The Star card, in the Necronomicon deck is called Science, with the depiction of Reanimator’s Herbert West. For the Minor Arcana, March interprets “swords” as “books”, “fire” as torches”, and “water” as “beakers”, while keeping the traditional pentacles.  Bousema’s art interpretations of the tarot is dark and brooding.  Enough weight to convey many different messages.

The Necronomicon tarot deck itself is quality.  The cardstock is thick enough, where it’s not going to disappoint after a few shuffles.  The packaging is also very well done, with a guidebook that beginner readers would easily be able to understand. For experienced readers, if you like reading from a deck that is a bit darker, or just a fan of H. P. Lovecraft, this deck is one to add to your collection.


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