Horror News Network Remembers Genre Luminaries Lost In 2022

by Thomas Tuna

This past year was no different from any other in one important aspect: The horror community lost too many of its best and brightest. Horror News Network looks back at 2022 and remembers them.


* The dashboard light went out when legendary rocker and genre actor Meat Loaf–best known for his bestselling album Bat Out Of Hell–passed away at age 74.

Peter Robbins–the voice of Charlie Brown in It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown–passed away at 65.


* Ivan Reitman–famed Ghostbusters director–passed away at age 75.

Paul Kelman–known for his role in My Bloody Valentine–passed away at 72.

Moses MoseleyThe Walking Dead actor–passed away at age 31.


Lawrence Dane–known for his roles in Scanners and Bride of Chucky–passed away at 84.

William Hurt–the Oscar-winning actor who appeared in Altered States–passed away at age 71.

Mitchell Ryan–known for the TV series Dark Shadows–passed away at 88.

Veronica Carlson–famed for her roles in several Hammer horror films–passed away at 77.


* Legendary Hall of Fame comic book artist Neal Adams (Batman, Deadman) passed away at 80.

Declan O’BrienWrong Turn director–passed away at age 56.

Kathy Lamkin–known for her roles in The Texas Chainsaw Massacre franchise–passed away at 74.


*Ray Liotta–famed for his star turn in Goodfellas and his role in Hannibal–passed away at age 67.

Fred Ward–known his roles in the Tremors franchise–passed away at 79.


Tyler SandersFear the Walking Dead actor–passed away at the tender age of 18.

Ken Kelly–famed artist for the Warren Publishing horror line–passed away at age 76.


* British actor David Warner–known for his role in The Omen–passed away at 80.

Rebecca Balding–known for Silent Scream and The Boogens–passed away at age 73.

* Hollywood legend James Caan of The Godfather and Misery fame passed away at age 82.

Joe Turkel–known for The Shining and Blade Runner–passed away at 94.


Robyn Griggs–known for her roles in Dead Clowns and Hellweek–passed away at 49.

Anne Heche–known for I Know What You Did Last Summer–passed away at 53.

Clu Gulager–versatile actor who appeared in The Return of the Living Dead–passed away at 93.


* Oscar winner Louis Fletcher–famous as Nurse Ratched in One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest–passed away at 88.

* Acclaimed author Peter Straub–known for Ghost Story and his collaborations with Stephen King–passed away at 79.


Michael Kopsa–known for his roles in Poltergeist and The X-Files–passed away at age 66.

Leslie Jordan–known for American Horror Story–passed away at age 67.

Ted White–known for Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter–passed away at 96.

Austin Stoker–known for his role in Assault on Precinct 13–passed away at 92.


James Winburn–stunt double for Michael Myers in the original Halloween–passed away at 85.

Nicki Aycox–known for Supernatural and Jeepers Creepers 2–passed away at age 47.

Kevin Conroy–famed voice actor for Batman in several animated features–passed away at 66.


* Pro football player-turned-actor Brad William Henke–who appeared in The Stand and Split–passed away at 56.

* Veteran character actor Cliff Emmich–known for his role in Halloween II–passed away at age 85.


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