Horror News Network 2021 Comic Awards: Best Mini-Series Of The Year

by Thomas Tuna

New York City. A murderous maniac. The bowels of the vast subway system. Sounds like the makings of a memorable comic book mini-series.

And that’s just what Aftershock Comics dropped on us this year with Maniac of New York–the winner of the Horror News Network 2021 Best Mini-Series of the Year Award.

From Emmy Award-winning author Elliott Kalan, artist/colorist Andrea Mutti (Hellblazer) and letterer Taylor Esposito, Maniac of New York is a non-stop, bloody thrill ride through the tunnels of the Manhattan subway labyrinth. The attention to detail–both in the writing and artwork–makes readers feel as if they are in New York City…at its best and worst.

A knife-wielding slasher–dubbed Maniac Harry by the media–has become an inhuman, unstoppable mass murderer on Manhattan’s subway cars. The city officials have chosen to ignore him, as they pray frightened New Yorkers will adapt to this horrifying threat.

Only trauma-haunted political aide Gina Greene and disgraced NYPD Detective Zelda Pettibone band together to stop the terrors. But how can they fight a monster when they can’t even fight City Hall?

Congratulations to Aftershock Comics and the creative team behind Maniac of New York for earning Horror News Network’s 2021 Best Mini-Series of the Year Award.

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