Horror Hunting!

by Sean McLaughlin

     Welcome to Horror Hunting!, a new column that promises to bring the coolest, and sometimes rarest, horror collectables on the internet to HNN fans everywhere….every week!  You’ll see cool items that we think are worth checking out, and of course bidding on!  We’ll feature two auctions, one at the low end of the price scale and another for the folks willing to sell a kidney for old figures, statues, and anything else that fills that horror void in your haunted collections. 

“We have such sights to show you!” – Pinhead

    First up is an item sure to please aficionados of the ever-expanding secondary market for vintage horror VHS cassettes.  Remember Scanners?  Remember when that dude’s head exploded?  Now you can experience it again, just like it was 1980 all over again!  Here’s the link to the auction (current price:  $9.00) on Etsy.com:



    How about some head?  Freddy Krueger’s, that is.  The auction site OnlineAuctions.com is featuring a “replica” Freddy mask, allegedly tailored after the look from Nightmare on Elm Street 4.  While not used in the production of the movie in any way, this is still a pretty impressive piece.  It’s going for $325, but you’d better hurry up as the bidding ends in just about two days.



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