Horror Hunting! Edition #27

by Sean McLaughlin

Welcome to another exciting installment of Horror Hunting!  Spring is in the air (finally), and those of us on the east coast are just starting to emerge from our winter cocoons.  What better time to get out there and start hunting down your favorite and most elusive horror collectibles and memorabilia than right now?  In this edition we’ll take a retro look at the market, both symbolically and literally.  The classics truly never get old (pun intended), so much so that they’re constantly being remade with varying degrees of success.  Luckily, the gang over at ReAction are not only fans, they’re also sticklers for details.  And with that, away we go…..

“We have such sights to show you!” – Pinhead


If you’re unaware of the retro awesomeness being put out by the ReAction folks, I pity you.  They’ve been creating and mass-marketing very cool and accurate reproductions of those cool 3 3/4″ action figures from the ’80s and beyond for cult-worthy movies, TV shows and other pop culture icons.  When they decided to tackle the vintage Universal Monsters line, the results were nothing short of fantastic.  Dracula, Frankenstein, Wolf Man…..they’re all here in all of their incredible retro glory.  But what the toy company did, which has been the savior of the action figure market for over 20 years, is include those rare variant pieces (also called chase figures, undoubtedly due to the “chase” that collectors embark on behind toy trucks attempting to find these elusive figures) in the line.  I was at a Toys R Us last weekend, and randomly found the variant Creature from the Black Lagoon figure (it glows in the dark!) stuffed behind some WWE figures on a shelf.  And THAT is how you can hope to have any luck in finding these pieces…..well, the other option is to purchase the entire line with variants included.  And since I’m such a charitable guy, I’m here to make your lives easier.  Follow the link below to purchase all of your classic monster favorites from EBay, with a very reasonable Buy-It-Now price.  You’re welcome.



Staying on the Universal Monsters vibe, there’s probably no greater horror entity than the immortal (again, pun intended) Dracula.  There are numerous actors that are closely associated with the role, with Christopher Lee obviously being near the top of the list.  Back in the ’70s, the horror film-favorite Lee donned the black cape and pointy teeth multiple times in search of blood.  If you’re a horror film soundtrack-phile (like HNN’s own Professor Bill), this LP is a must-own.  Instantly spruce up any Halloween party or general terror-filled get-together with the soothing sounds of romantic blood-sucking.  Fun for the whole family!  This record from 1974 is in generally good shape, and is available at a pretty good price for a vintage horror collectable.



Click here for more on the Universal Monsters franchise.

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