Horror Hunting! Edition #19

by Sean McLaughlin

  Welcome to another thrilling edition of Horror Hunting!  This week we have two killer offerings, both from horror merch heavyweight Mondo.  With Christmas less than two weeks away, now would be a great time to pick up an awesome gift for that horror-loving special someone in your life.  You can’t go wrong with soundtracks and sweaters!  And off we go…..

“We have such sights to show you!” – Pinhead

A Cat in the Brain LP (Mondotees.com)

Even if you aren’t as big of a horror soundtrack aficionado as HNN’s own Professor Bill, surely you can appreciate the “Limited Edition” tag on this cool piece.  Italian horror master Lucio Fulci (one of my favorites for his ultra-gory take on the zombie genre) enlisted the help of Fabio Frizzi (who previously worked with him on The Beyond) to create the original score for A Cat in the Brain (1990).  As any Fulci fan can attest, the soundtracks for his crazy, bloody, and ridiculously cool movies can leave as much of a lasting impression as the film itself.  I can personally remember having the drum beat and piper march theme from City of the Living Dead being stuck in my head for several months at a time.  Here, the folks at Mondo have released the soundtrack for A Cat in the Brain for the first time on vinyl, and with the ever-popular “Limited Edition” designation.  It’s not known how many were originally made (or how many are left), but we do know that they are still available for only $25.  Seriously….pick it up now before they’re all scooped up.



Gremlins Knit Sweater (Mondotees.com)

With Christmas rapidly approaching, what better way to celebrate the festivities than with a hideously-grotesque winter sweater?  Well there is a better way…..how about a devastatingly hip Gremlins sweater???  This thing is absolutely awesome, complete with the stitched yarn likenesses of Gizmo,  Stripe and the rest of the pint-sized mischievous murderers.  One of the greatest Christmas horror movies (at least top 5, according to Mr. Larry Dwyer), wearing a Christmas sweater emblazoned with the Gremlins is a sure-fire way to score both chicks and some major cool points this holiday season.  Only, don’t feed it after midnight.  And don’t wear it out in the rain.  Just, trust us on that.  Otherwise, this can be yours for the reasonable sum of $85.



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