Horror Hunting! Edition #17

by Sean McLaughlin

Welcome to the first post-Halloween edition of Horror Hunting!, as we barrel into November.  Just because this special day for kids and horror freaks has passed, that doesn’t mean you can’t stay in the Halloween spirit!  To prove it, one of the items highlighted in this installment will ensure that it’s October 31st all year round in your dwelling.  The second collectable came to me as the family and I enjoyed a post-trick-or-treating viewing of the underrated ’80s flick The Monster Squad.  And away we go……

“We have such sights to show you!” – Pinhead


What needs to be said John Carpenter’s masterpiece?  This classic has come to symbolize not only the holiday itself, but a rallying point for all fans of vintage horror cinema.  Not even 2002’s Halloween: Resurrection could tarnish this beloved franchise, despite the best efforts of Busta Rhymes.  The pumpkin and knife poster is iconic, and to own an original movie poster from 1978 is nearly impossible.  NEARLY….but not entirely. Over at Amazon, CineMasterpieces has a vintage, original movie poster of Halloween currently on the block.  This is a well-preserved piece, and was intended for theatrical display (but apparently never made it).  It’ll set you back a pretty penny though, with a buy price of $1,195.  You could always try your luck with the “Make an Offer” feature too.  I’m offering $10….wish me luck!  If you have the extra cash, scoop this gem up now.


CREATURE FROM THE BLACK LAGOON – Moebius Deluxe Model Kit (Creepy Classics)

So one of my biggest thrills this Halloween season was the opportunity to introduce my kids to one of my favorite childhood “mainstream” horror movies, 1987’s The Monster Squad.  Its relevance to the horror genre (and overall entertainment value) can surely be debated, but to me a modern depiction of all classic Universal monsters together on the big screen at the same time is just fun.  All of the horror icons have their moments (though the Mummy was easily the least effective of the bunch), but the limited screen time for the Creature From The Black Lagoon is supplemented by his cool look and overall badass-ery (though a shotgun is, predictably, his kryptonite).  Classic CFTBL toys and memorabilia are always a hot item, and the folks over at Creepy Classics are offering a pretty awesome model kit.  Complete with the Creature carrying a random female victim, this 1/8th-scale model will bring you back to the hobby’s heyday of the ’50s and ’60s.  Pretty reasonable for the $44.99 price tag, I may just purchase one to further build the horror bond with my kids.  Check it out:



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