Horror Hunting! Edition #13

by Sean McLaughlin

Welcome to the latest edition of Horror Hunting!  October means two BIG things to horror fiends…..Halloween and (since 2010) zombies.  In case you haven’t heard (i.e. you don’t own a television, smart phone, computer with internet access or eyes/ears), the horror TV/comic juggernaut The Walking Dead returns to AMC this Sunday 10/14 for the beginning of its glorious fifth season of undead happenings and hijinks.  As a big fan, I am (predictably) adding a steaming pile of zombie spice to this installment of HH! with two tasty items that even the most hardcore Romero vs. Kirkman know-it-all would be psyched to own.  Whether you call them walkers, biters, lurkers, ghouls, stinkers or “things”, the undead occupy a large swath of real estate in the horror realm.  Check out these cool items while you can, because just like life (and un-death), time is indeed limited.  And of course, brace yourself…..the collectables these collectables kill get up and kill!

“We have such sights to show you!” – Pinhead

Monroeville Mall/JC Penney’s Escalator Piece from Dawn of the Dead (Monroeville Zombies)

Is Dawn of the Dead (yes, THE Dawn of the Dead….not the later version starring the running, screaming and car-driving “zombies”) the greatest zombie film of all time?  That is certainly debatable, but what isn’t in question is the indelible mark this movie left on the horror genre and cinema in general.  A horror film featuring an interesting and poignant take on the state of American consumerism?  Indeed, the master of the zombie genre George A. Romero deserves much, but not all, of the credit for creating this particular sub-culture of scary movies.  Dawn of the Dead, his follow-up to ultimate cult classic and cinematic trailblazer Night of the Living Dead, created quite the stir when it forced itself upon the movie-going populace back in 1978.  Perhaps nothing would be cooler than owning an authentic piece of the original production, right?  Check out Monroeville Zombies (a site named after Dawn’s Monroeville, PA setting) for a chance to own a small piece of the JC Penney escalator used in the film.  Is it any worse than buying a piece of the Berlin Wall.  NO…..in fact, it’s much, much cooler.


Create Your Own Zombie Kit PX Exclusive (Big Bad Toy Store)

Let’s bring it back to a nice, wholesome activity that the whole family can enjoy…..creating your own zombie!  If you find that the latest undead action figure offerings by international companies like McFarlane Toys and Mezco just aren’t up to par, now you can gather up little Billy and Jean and create your own zombie 3 3/4″ goodness!  The folks over at Big Bad Toy Store are offering your chance to expose your inner Kenner with their customizable “Create Your Own Zombie” kit.  A cool arts and crafts endeavor just in time for All Hollow’s Eve, this item is now taking pre-orders for $29.99.  Don’t miss your chance to act like a zombie Dr. Frankenstein!



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