Horror Hunting! Edition #12

by Sean McLaughlin

Welcome to another thrilling installment of Horror Hunting!  This week we’ll take a look at some classic candy featuring a classic horror icon and a recognizable zombie from the genre’s unparalleled master.  As we wind closer and closer to the witching season, horror toy items like those that I pack into each HH! column become increasingly in demand.  And of course, the atmosphere is always competitive for the latest (and retro-est) collectibles and artifacts on the auction sites because hey…..that’s how it works!  So without further adieu, away we go….

“We have such sights to show you!” – Pinhead

Creature from the Black Lagoon PEZ Dispenser – Universal Monsters (EBay)

First up is this cool, vintage Pez dispenser in the likeness of the Creature from the Black Lagoon. What’s your favorite movie featuring the Lagoon Creature?  Right, The Monster Squad.  Mine too.  Anyway, Pez holds a special meaning to us here at HNN due to its headquarters being in the lovely state of Connecticut.  But really, Pez is a universal favorite because since the ’50s candy and plastic dispenser have gone together like ham and burger.  And speaking of “universal”, there is probably no cooler line of dispensers than the Universal Monster molds from the ’60s. The ghost, witch and pumpkin versions that adorn our lovely drug stores each Halloween are second, but it’s a distant second.  This Creature dispenser is just plain cool, and an awesome addition to any horror fan’s collection.  But there is very limited time left, and with the current price approaching $240 it’s probably best to utilize your best bid-snipe skills in order to attain it.  Get to it!


NECA Cult Classics Series 6 Action Figure Hare Krishna Zombie [Dawn of the Dead] (ToyWiz.com)

Along with being just a kick-ass zombie flick (and considered one of the all-time greats), George Romero’s 1978 classic Dawn of the Dead also brought us many original and recognizable zombies to digest (pun intended).  There was the nurse, the zombie version of Flyboy and numerous others.  Perhaps the most original walking corpse was the Hare Krishna zombie, who almost succeeds in devouring the helpless Francine (not to mention ascending stairs and opening doors….quite the multi-tasking ghoul).  Luckily the folks over at NECA, big horror fans that they are, decided that the undead Hare Krishna deserved his own in-action figure.  I personally own the zombie Flyboy figure from the Cult Classics line, so I can attest to awesome detail that these pieces possess.  While not exactly rare, it’s still hard to find these figures much anymore and impossible to find in stores.  The Toy Wiz website has them in stock, and for a pretty reasonable price ($22.99).



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