Horror Hunting! Edition #10

by Sean McLaughlin

    Welcome to a special edition of Horror Hunting!, as we count down the days until the greatest horror convention on the east coast, CT Horrorfest!  In case you haven’t heard (or live under a moon rock) CT Horrorfest will be taking over the Courtyard Marriott in Waterbury, CT on Saturday, August 23rd, bringing with it the coolest vendors and most awesome special guests that even the most hardcore horror fanatic could wish for.  In this edition of HH!, we’ll be bringing to you a few special items from the 1973 horror genre-defining classic The Exorcist, which features CT Horrorfest’s own Linda Blair.  No matter how old you are or where you’re from, EVERYBODY knows about this killer film and the massive pop culture influence it has had and continues to have in the 41 years since its theatrical release.  Miss Blair is as much a horror and film icon for her head-turning role (pun intended) as Regan MacNeil as the movie itself, and has had her likeness reproduced countless times on posters, t-shirts and action figures ever since.  For those who plan on attending, see you there!  Perhaps you’d like to grab one of these items to get signed?

We have such sights to show you!” – Pinhead


Basic horror movie memorabilia collecting 101: find an original movie poster to kick off your journey.  Is there anything cooler than having an authentic piece of cinematic history adorning your home wall, just like it did years ago in a random movie theater?  I say no, and this folded poster (all cinema posters were folded before the mid ’80s, according to the seller) is certain to get any horror movie fiend’s blood pumping.  Featuring the iconic shot of Father Merrin in the street light starring up at the brownstone, this little slice of cinematic Americana will set you back $395 plus shipping. Is it worth it?  Undoubtedly yes……



THE EXORCIST – 7″ Regan Deluxe Boxed Action Figure (NECA) – EBay

Looking for something more recent?  Check out NECA’s faithfully-detailed 7-ince action figure set depicting one of the film’s most memorable and horrifying scenes.  Her head spins around when the button is pressed, and the movie’s recognizable theme music plays to send shivers down your spine!  What more can you ask for?  This is currently going for about $38.00 US, and to me is worth every penny.



If you start off your collection with an original movie poster, then the icing on the cake is an original screenplay for the film.  Imagine having an authentic screenplay from the film, signed by the lovely Linda Blair!  See….it all comes full circle.  While this may be appear to be an item strictly for high rollers due to its $3,200 price tag, the true value of owning a piece of one of the original and successful horror movie franchises is priceless.  Miss Blair was kind enough to sign this version twice, and included her alias “Regan Teresa MacNeil” as well.  This sale ends in 3 days, so get the funds together and run over to EBay now!  The power of HNN compels you!



HAPPY HUNTING, and see you all at CT Horrorfest!!!


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