Horror Hunting! 2016 NY Comic Con Edition

by Sean McLaughlin

Welcome to the latest and greatest installment of Horror Hunting!  After a long hiatus, we’re excited to bring the world of horror toys and collectables directly to your computer screen.  And what better place to pick up again then…..New York Comic Con 2016!  Thanks to our partners-in-crime over at Action Figure Collectors (http://www.actionfigurecollectors.com/), we can bring you all of the cool exhibits and images of upcoming horror action figure and statue products from heavyweights Mezco (producers of the genius Living Dead Dolls) and NECA (who continue to acquire interesting licenses of beloved video game and movie franchises).  So let’s get to it!

“We have such sights to show you!” – Pinhead

First up is Mezco, who really made a name for themselves with the Living Dead Dolls collection in the early 2000’s.  However, not a company to rest on their laurels, Mezco began creating statues of iconic Universal Monsters (Frankenstein!), along with an entire line of various Chucky-themed collectables from Child’s Play for this year’s convention.  They also debuted incredibly wicked Living Dead versions of Sam from Trick r Treat and Ash from Evil Dead.  They had a lot of new products to offer, and were definitely a highlight for the convention’s horror fans!
mezco18 mezco17 mezco16 mezco15 mezco14 mezco13 mezco12 mezco11 mezco10 mezco9 mezco8 mezco7 mezco6 mezco5 mezco4 mezco3 mezco2 mezco1

While NECA didn’t have too much on display that wasn’t already unveiled earlier this year at New York Toy Fair,  their upcoming line of horror figures are simply awesome.  Everything from Ash vs. Evil Dead to A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors version of Freddy Krueger to figures based on underrated sequal The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 (‘Chop-Top’ Sawyer!!!), NECA just keeps pumping out the gems.  The future is bright for this toy company, and horror fans are the real winners.
neca1 neca2 neca3 neca4 neca5 neca6 neca7 neca8 neca9 neca10 neca11 neca12 neca13

Thanks again to our friends over at AFN (http://www.actionfigurecollectors.com/) for the pictures, and we look forward to New York Toy Fair 2017 in just a few short months!


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