Horror Filmmakers Team Up On Potential Film Series

by Thomas Tuna

What do you get when you combine the director of SpiralFrom the Book of Saw with the writers of The Conjuring? Well, whatever comes of that union is bound to scare the heck out of you.

And horror fans will get the chance to see the fruits of that labor when director Darren Lynn Bousman joins forces with screenwriters Chad and Carey Hayes to present The LaLaurie Mansion, as reported by JoBlo.com. All involved hope this film gives birth to another standout franchise.

The Hayes brothers wrote the script while staying at the LaLaurie Mansion, a New Orleans house made infamous by Madame LaLaurie, a socialite and serial killer who reportedly tortured and murdered slaves there in the early 1800s. After her crimes were exposed following a house fire in 1834, she fled the scene and was never arrested.

The stories in the proposed franchise, as explained, will unfold in multiple installments, covering the history of the house from recent events back to its origins and its owner.

Bousman said this project is “a dream come true. For as long as I can remember,” he said, “I have been obsessed with the paranormal. Anyone who studies the supernatural knows the legends of the LaLaurie Mansion. It’s the holy grail of these types of environments.”

The Hayes brothers seemed just as excited about the film, and praised Bousman’s horror pedigree. “Not only is Darren an incredibly creative director,” they said, “but he also knows how to build a franchise. We are beyond thrilled to have him on this one, and can’t wait to see what he brings to the screen.”

Michael Whalen (who now owns the mansion) and the Hayes brothers are producing the film with Cindy Bond and Doug McKay. Joshua Ryan Dietz and Dylan Bond are serving as executive producers.

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