Horror Film ‘Operation Blood Hunt’ Wraps Shooting

by Thomas Tuna

Werewolves and World War II–this didn’t make the history books.

Operation Blood Hunt--described as Predator meets The Dirty Dozen meets Underworld–recently wrapped filming in Thailand, according to The Hollywood Reporter. No release window has yet been announced.

The feature–directed by Louis Mandylor from a screenplay by Brandon Slagle–stars Jonathan Rhys Meyers, Rampage Jackson and Sonia Couling in a horror tale set during World War II.

Operation Blood Hunt follows an expert in the occult known as The Reverend, “who accompanies a ragtag group of military rejects to a remote South Pacific island to investigate the disappearance of U.S. Marine units stationed there in 1944 and believed to be in the hands of the Japanese military,” according to the synopsis.

But, when the team asks the island’s inhabitants about the Marines, they’re told they had been massacred by a band of werewolves. This was not covered in basic training.

Producer Daemon Hillin said they used custom-built mechanical werewolves with fully animated faces–activated by remote-control devices–as the practical effects in the film. “The movie is very unique,” he said. “It has a cool comic book feel to it.”

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