Horror Feature ‘Baghead’ Adds Four Members To Cast

by Thomas Tuna

An upcoming film about bringing back the dead just got new life in the form of additional cast members.

Baghead–from Studiocanal and The Picture Company–is being adapted from a short film of the same name by director Alberto Corredor, according to a report on Deadline, and several actors recently signed on to flesh out the ensemble.

As previously reported here in Horror News Network, Ruby Barker (Bridgerton) and Freya Allan (The Witcher) have been on board, and they are now joined by Jeremy Irvine (War Horse), Peter Mullan (Top of the Lake), Saffron Burrows (You) and Julika Jenkins (Dark).

Baghead–scripted by Christina Pamies and Bryce McGuire and slated to start shooting in Berlin this fall–follows a mysterious figure–described as a “diminutive, wrinkled-up person”–who can manifest the dead and bring them into our world for short periods of time.

People seek out Baghead, but that is when the character’s “true powers and intentions are revealed, and there is a high price to pay for contact with the deceased,” according to the official synopsis.

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