Horror Comic Pick of the Week: 11/26/2014

by Rob Caprilozzi

CROSSED has had many renowned writers and artists contribute to the series since it began in 2008 with original creators Garth Ennis and Jacen Burrows. None since the original, however, have generated quite the buzz as the latest contributor, Alan Moore! This will be a stand-alone series so it will be interesting to see what Moore does with it. I personally have fond memories of the Ennis fanboys picking up the first issue of CROSSED and their shock at the horrific gore and violence contained within. This is an easy pick for horror fans, but it’ll be fun to see the reactions from comic fans not accustomed to the CROSSED universe. This first issue seems somewhat introductory and may be more like a #0 issue (no preview was provided to us from the publisher), but I’m still ready to pick this up!

CROSSED +100 Issue #1

Synopsis: Alan Moore returns to monthly comics in epic fashion with Crossed +100!  Set 100 years in the future,  Moore has created a whole new world and history with a stunning attention to detail.  Examining how civilizations rebuild and how generations grow, Moore weaves a rich tapestry of humanity evolving under extreme hardship, all of which  is lushly rendered by Gabriel (Ferals) Andrade.  Archivist Future Taylor leads a salvage team working to rebuild the historical record of the original Crossed outbreak.  She’s see them in videos, but never any live ones, the Crossed are part of the distant past.  Until suddenly, a handful appear, and the blood begins to flow.  All is not as it seems as a horrific mystery unfolds and once again Alan Moore redefines the medium. This masterwork is a self-contained whole new world, no prior knowledge of the Crossed series is needed. From Avatar Press.

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