Horror Comic Pick of the Week: 11/12/2014

by Rob Caprilozzi

Did you miss the first print of The October Faction #1 by Steve Niles and Damien Worm? Well, here is your chance to pick up the  reprint of the first issue and the new second issue. As we saw in “Monster & Madman”, this is a great team with really complementary styles. The story is off to a great start so jump in now with this Horror Comic Pick-of-the-Week.


Infidelity and incantations can lead to some strange bedfellows as Fredrick tries to convince his children to avoid his footsteps at all costs (it’s hard enough trying to keep a family together without mechanical monsters knocking at your window and strange apparition living in the closet). All in a days work for the Allans of Gristlewood, USA. From IDW Publishing.

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